Lennox heat pump is a multipurpose and highly energy-efficient type of HVAC system that operates via energy transfer.

We, at Einstein Heating and Cooling, have found that particularly in moderate climates, Lennox heat pumps rise above among competitors when it comes to reliable engineering, industry-leading technology, and overall superiority of quality. Their heat pump is a robust and cost-effective solution for managing your home’s temperature all year round.

So instead of paying for two separate dedicated heating and cooling systems in your home, install a Lennox heat pump, which can achieve both tasks.

Also, Lennox heat pumps are more energy efficient than other options because they transfer heat instead of burning fuel to create it, leading to a greener home and lower energy bills. Furthermore, Lennox heat pumps have the quietest sound rating in the industry and also recognized by the EPA as one of the most excellent HVAC products on the market today.

Lennox Heat Pump Brand Overview

There are 7 Lennox heat pump models divided into three series:
Best: Dave Lennox Signature Collection: 3 models;
Better: Lennox Elite Series: 3 models;
Basic: Lennox Merit Series: 1 model.
The variations give you options ranging from affordable, basic units, to more expensive high-performance Lennox heat pumps.

Lennox Heat Pumps Technical Specifications:

Lennox offers single-stage models, two-stage, and variable-capacity heat pumps. Let’s look into the seven Lennox heat pump models:

  • Single-stage Lennox Merit Series 14HPX performs 16 SEER air conditioning and 8.2 HSPF heating. This model is also the most efficient base model in the industry.
  • Three Lennox Elite heat pumps are all Energy Star rated:
  • Single-stage Lennox XP14 16 SEER/9.5 HSPF
  • Two-stage Lennox XP16 17 SEER/9.5 HSPF
  • and the top pick, the modulating XP20 with a 20 SEER/10 HSPF efficiency
  • Three Signature Series heat pumps are also all Energy Star rated:
  • Single-stage Lennox SL18XP1 (18.5 SEER/ 10.2 HSPF)
  • Two-stage Lennox XP21 (19.2 SEER/ 9.7 HSPF)
  • Variable-capacity Lennox XP25 (23.5 SEER/ 10.2 HSPF)
  • The two variable-capacity Lennox models, XP20 and XP25, have compressors that shift from 40% to 100% of capacity like cruise control. It is used to maintain the temperature precisely balanced. It also aims to remove more humidity during air conditioning than single- or two-stage units.
  • Some Lennox heat pump models such as the XP14, XP16, XP21, XP25, and 14HPX, are dual-fuel compatible which allows installation in a split system with a gas furnace. Thus, the heat pump will provide the heating in temperatures above freezing, and the furnace will automatically take over in colder temperatures.
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Benefits of Choosing Lennox Heat Pumps

  • Lennox heat pumps are the most efficient lineup of heat pumps on the market. Your energy costs can be reduced by 30 to 60 percent when replacing an old heat pump.
  • Single-stage, two-stage, and variable-capacity Lennox models give you options to suit your indoor preferences and budget.
  • The diverse variety of efficiency levels allow homeowners to match their heat pump choice for their climate. Heat Pumps can also guarantee to maintain the comfort level of your home using eco-friendly technology.
  • Lennox makes compatible parts for its heat pumps. It includes gas furnaces, air handlers, indoor air quality systems, HRV (heat recovery ventilator) and ERV (energy recovery ventilator) ventilation units, humidity control systems, and thermostat controls for a whole, coordinated HVAC systems.
  • The Lennox Elite Series and Signature Collection heat pumps are well built. They should at least last 17-22 years when properly maintained.
  • For all the single-stage models, the SL18XP1 is the industry’s most efficient heat pump. It provides excellent efficiency at a lower cost than most two-stage heat pumps.
  • Six of the seven Lennox heat pump types are Energy Star certified.
  • A dual fuel Lennox heat pumps installed in a split system with a Lennox gas furnace are an excellent choice for areas where freezing winter temperatures are frequent.
  • Lennox SunSource solar modules can produce enough energy to run an entire HVAC system.

Invest in Quality Installation

Make sure to hire a qualified and licensed installer for your heat pump. Quality installation is essential to the durability, efficiency, and performance of your HVAC system. Here, at Einstein Heating and Cooling, we have the licensed, insured, and experienced heat pump installer. Our expert techs will ensure that your chosen Lennox heat pump is installed accurately and will run for years to come.

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